Endorsement from Otero !!!

The following is what I posted on several social media sites that circulate in Otero County and perhaps beyond.

I hope that it may, at least in some small way, help you to achieve a victory in November. If there is anything more that I or the Republican Party might do to be of further assistance, please feel free to reach out at any time.


Steve Cockrum, Republican Headquarters Coordinator

As I believe most of you know, redistricting (gerrymandering, if you wish) has subdivided Otero County into having 4 House of Representatives members in the New Mexico Legislature beginning with the legislative session in January 2023. Those districts are 51, 53, 54, and 56. There are incumbent legislators in 2 of those 4 districts (54 and 53) and it would seem that our Republican candidates in 51 and 56 have a very good chance of victory; our candidate in 54 is guaranteed a return to the legislature, leaving the most competitive and difficult contest in District 53 between our Republican candidate Elizabeth Winterrowd and her Democratic opponent Willie D Madrid. Normally this would be a district that a Republican would have great difficulty winning, HOWEVER, it appears that 2022 may be different. To accomplish this Elizabeth needs our help and support. I believe that Elizabeth brings her bona fides as a conservative to this contest, and with the disappointment that many, many New Mexicans feel every day, from high prices at the gas pump and grocery store to the rise in crime and drug use to the on-going failings of our public school system, New Mexicans are convinced that the Democratic leadership of the past 4 years has put New Mexico on the wrong track and change is needed. Elizabeth represents that very much needed change! She needs our support not only morally, but financially as well. I strongly urge all Republicans, Libertarians, Independents, and others to look closely at her campaign; this can be done at the following web address: 

www.ElizabethForNM.com or if you have questions for Elizabeth you can contact her at: [email protected]

I know that she would greatly appreciate any level of help that you can provide and I have great confidence that she will be a great Republican conservative addition to the New Mexico House of Representatives beginning in January 2023!P.S. You can see this post on the Republican Party of Otero County Facebook page and we will also be posting this on a couple for websites as well. More on that to follow.


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