Flawed Thinking

It fascinates and disturbs me when people take the Bible and spin some yarn that justifies their way of thinking. I can only assume that they were taught or chose to learn the Bible in a way that does not take it linearly from cover to cover as it was written. They take pieces out of context from all over it that coupled together work for the tale they wish to tell and connect them in “their” manner to serve that purpose. There are many distinct Bible lesson plans that are designed to do this that many use to justify their own thinking and not paint the picture of God’s plan. 

Testament is defined as an agreement. As far as what God was doing under the Old agreement, it was nulled out and replaced by the New agreement. The Old Testament is centered around God’s relationship with the Jews and addresses their ego while showing that they as a group will not be God’s chosen people to join him in Heaven. They were chosen to be used as the example. The rest is up to them, individually.  

The Bible is comprised of two distinctly separate books. The First lays the groundwork to prove to man that he himself cannot be reunited with God based on a set of rules and tasks. Its purpose was to wake man up to that fact and to prophesize the coming of a savior who would bring a pathway to mankind individually that could be taken, if they chose, to bridge the gap between themselves and God that occurred because of what took place in the Garden. The validity of those prophesy is the New Testament which validates the truth in them. The Old Testament makes a statement, and the New Testament validates it which in turn validates the Old Testament. The comparing and contrasting of the two agreements is the evidence that validates the truth to be found through Jesus Christ.

One case in point is that any referencing to God (the Father) saving our country or anything else is false. God left the scene 400 years before the coming of the Christ (God the Son). Jesus came not to save a country or mankind collectively but to offer a path, if one chooses, to God who is in Heaven waiting to be reunited through His gift of free will to be used by the individual. Taking God of the Old Testament and his ongoings back then and spinning Him and those into the New Testament as the same or connected is extremely flawed and extremely misleading. Confusion is the tool of the adversary.

 Rob Wood 


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