“FREE” Doña Ana Transportation?

Commissioner,  Rep Rubio
Good start on the option for public transportation funded by the County.
May I make a couple of suggestions:

  1. I assume the Dona Ana General Fund consists of revenues collected from taxpayers (if I am wrong please correct me)? If so, please properly title the transportation as tax payer or County funded instead of free, unless SCRTD is going to provide services “pro bono”.  We are all paying for the high cost of fuel in some way, shape or form. As a reference point, on January 20, 2021 fuel was $1.86 in Las Cruces. 
  2. Collect metrics as to the number of passengers and if possible, their age using the SCRTD during this promotion of 90 days.  It’s a data point to help determine effectivity of this option for the hardest impacted.  
  3. I spoke to Commissioner Sanchez on the subject but I believe the Commission should lobby the governor to increase oil production and rescind un-necessary regulations that raise fuel costs simply to support the “green agenda” and attempt to push everyone into electric cars.  
  4. If the governor is going to push for a “tax holiday” or rebate, it should apply to all consumers who are affected by these sky high fuel costs.  Establishing an arbitrary income threshold is not right. We all pay these outlandish high costs regardless of income or affordability.
  5. This option is good (if effective) but does nothing for the landscapers, ranchers, etc….whose livelihoods depend on reasonable and affordable fuel.

Thank you for your time…..
I am a County Resident on a fixed income
Juan D Garcia


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