Garland and Karma

By: Bill O’Reilly February 12, 2024

Word out of the White House is that Attorney General Merrick Garland is persona non grata, and his job is now at risk. That’s because he signed off on Special Counsel Robert Hur’s devastating classified documents report that basically alleges President Biden is cognitively challenged. Many Americans already knew that, but the corporate media would not report it, giving Mr. Biden cover. That bit of corruption has harmed the nation significantly. But the deceit is over, and Garland is in the kill zone, an extraordinary turn for an Attorney General who has done everything he can to obscure the Hunter Biden lawbreaking that may have been enabled by his father. Merrick Garland was a loyal Democrat soldier until he wasn’t. Of course, Garland had no choice. If he censored Hur’s report, it would have come out leading to ruin for the Attorney General. Three words, Merrick: rock, hard place. Yes, you are finished with the Biden administration. That’s karma. But you are far better off out of there.

 See you tonight for the No Spin News.


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