grants and philanthropy

Education Committee,
I have attempted to divert ones focus from direct attack on the school board who are mere money managers and look at the bigger picture as to what drives them towards certain policies. As I have repeatedly said, just follow the money. 
Yesterday I looked into requirements for grant requests from the National Science Foundation (NSF) and found they are big on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI). Today I received the attached article which focuses on philanthropic gifts and grants from private industry some who already are big promoters of DEI.
 Of course school boards will adopt policies that do not deny them of such funding but they must have the policies in place to qualify when they submit a request. These organizations are not all nefarious in nature as they provide services most all want and use but do have nefarious qualities to them if once again one just follows the money.
I know this is all extremely frustrating because we want to believe as the British did that the frontal attack wearing, in our case a blazing shirt saying CITIZEN, is the way to success. Definitely every strategist of worth today knows that is a loosing approach. No matter how much one desires it life is not true or false or even multiple choice with singular correct answers. It is all an ongoing essay question involving directed research and education accompanied by constructive debate. We have become so infantile in believing like or dislike, agree or disagree is an acceptable answer. 
Using the British example, they were defeated and foreign control was mostly eliminated, however there are some advantages that remained but the power came to the people and did not remain with an overpowering governing body which in our case being the PED (The Blob).
When looking at School Board Candidates they best be ones that can reduce costs so they are not manipulated by certain funding while at the same time bringing education to a level of student centric excellence, not based on manipulated test scores but founded in students ability to prosper in their futures.


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