Senator Hamblen and Representative Cadena
You represent the citizen and Hispanic small business owner located on 1615 s. Solano in LC.  This among the numerous other small businesses victimized by the LC criminal element. 
The owner spoke at the City Council meeting on 5 Dec to describe the terror attack his small building was subject to.  His building was “tagged” with excrement/feces by criminals. Having to clean this vicious attack exposed him to dangerous biohazardous elements. And a considerable cost to clean. 
Last night the criminal element, in apparent retaliation, attacked his building once again with hate language such as FAGGOT, PIECE OF SHIT, THE OWNER IS A RAPIST, YOU SUCK DICK (see pics below).   No one should be attacked like this and have to endure this misery. 
The owner of Dwell Yoga spoke about one of her employees who was attacked and threatened with rape. And assault. Plus damage to her business.  The owner indicated the increase of attacks has increased during the last month. And how the City has a “band aid” approach. 

We have challenged the City Leadership and Judge Goldbaum to take decisive action that provides harsh consequences for the criminal acts.  The Mayor and Council Graham recently engaged with representatives from HUD. This is a step but an unlikely solution until there are consequences to effect deterrence for which there are none today.  All the victims of these atrocities hear is pity and sympathy for the criminals.  In the meantime, the horror continues for the true and ignored victims.
One  reason often stated for the inability to impose harsh penalties to deter is put on you, the legislators. “NM doesnt have the stiff laws that will give the judiciary “teeth” to lockup this menace to the city”. Instead they have a revolving door while the true victims suffer.
This is not an issue of homeless but of wanton criminal acts designed to destroy and terrorize the small business community in LC. 
Please engage and work with the City Council and Commission to enact legislation to protect the hard working citizens of your district.  
At a minimum, the affected victims of these criminal acts should be offered restitution for the terrible price they are paying to serve the community and the failure of the state to protect its citizens. 
Thank you 


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