Dear House Member,
This is in regards to House Bill 56 ” An ACT relating to license plates; requiring motor vehicles to display front end license plates; requiring issuance of registration plates and stickers upon transfer of motor vehicle ownership; increasing license plate fees; making an appropriation.”Section 2, Section 66-3-14 NMSA 1978 (being Laws 1978, Chapter 35, Section 34, as amended) is amended to read: “66-3-14. Registration Plates or Validating stickers to be furnished by Department – – reflective material.- -A. Except as provided in Subsection B of this section, the department upon registering a vehicle shall issue TWO registration plates and TWO validating stickers to the owner of the vehicle.WELL, if, when you are out and about in Santa Fe, you will observe the oncoming traffic, you will find that most, newer model vehicles, have not been constructed to hold a license plate. I myself drove around yesterday to observe oncoming traffic and found this to be true. If a double license plate is required, you are going to be making people go back to the dealership to have modifications done to their car to accept one. When a Police Officer does a traffic stop, he is most always BEHIND a car and can see the license plate from where he is. There is no need to pass a bill requiring citizens to pay more money for a double license plate when only the back one is required.I strongly urge you to look at newer model cars to ascertain the truth in what I say, and I strongly urge you to vote “NAY” on this bill.
Thank you for the great work you are doing in Santa Fe.
Michael PottsDona Ana County


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