HELP NM Get a New Governor for 2023!

September 16, 2022Dear New Mexicans,
——————————— Want to help remove Michelle Lujan Grisham (MLG) and her crooked team from office for 2023?The New Mexico Freedoms Alliancein collaboration withBetter Together New Mexico PACis mounting a campaign to get MLG out and we’d like your help. 

See below for 3 ways you can help.
Front and back of the “No MLG” postcard
——————————— 1. Download, print, share the “No MLG” Postcard

A downloadable postcard with information about why New Mexicans should remove the Governor and her team from office is available, with a QR code that links to a web page with more information. Go HERE to download the postcard and see the web page. 

(You can print the postcard out on a home printer, or at any copy shop or printer.)
 2. Donate for printing costs so NM groups can distribute these cards in their communitiesFreedom organizations around the state have requested printed copies of this postcard. We are seeking funds to make those printed postcards available to them.

If you would like to donate for postcard printing please email [email protected] and Karen will provide instructions about how you can donate to support printing through BTNM PAC. For example, $20 will allow us to print and ship to a partner organization 200 postcards or more.

Want to receive some postcards yourself for distribution in your area? (Individuals and groups welcome!) Please email Karen at [email protected]Donations will help us cover printing and shipping for your cards.

NOTE: The New Mexico Freedoms Alliance will soon be coordinating events to distribute this postcard around the state as a team, so stay tuned for more info! We wanted to get these to you right away so you can begin using them now.
Front of “Why Vote?” postcard
——————————— 3. Please share the “Why Vote?” postcard!

Some New Mexicans are questioning why they should vote. However, if enough of us vote, election fraud can NOT prevail. 

NOT voting will DEFINITELY make MLG win, so VOTE!

The New Mexico Freedoms Alliance will soon be providing information about best ways to vote to prevent fraud and make sure your voice is counted as we get closer to the election.

In the meantime, go HERE to download and share the “Why Vote” postcard and see more information on the associated web page. 

(Remember, you can print the postcard on a home printer, at a print shop, or contact Karen at [email protected] for your supply.)
Back of “Why Vote?” postcard
——————————— Recall some of what Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham (MLG) has been responsible for in the last 2 1/2 years in New Mexico:Doing nothing to stop a soaring crime epidemic;Destroying NM economically by shutting down, fining, and forcing to close many small businesses, as well as churches and schools while she allows the big box stores to stay open. These measures have been shown to do nothing to assist with “flattening the curve” while they devastate the economy;Leading New Mexico to a position of 50th or worse in the nation in education;Requiring masking of children, even during athletics;Preventing families from seeing their loved ones, even as they are dying;Flagrantly violating her own health orders over and over;Overstepping her authority to keep New Mexico in a “State of Emergency” that allows her to override balance of power in New Mexico since March of 2020, and this State of Emergency continues even now!and the list goes on…
 This is why MLG is the least popular Governor in the whole country.

For more information, click HERE and scroll down on the page. 
We love our beautiful state and want to see it thrive
———————————-Thank you for your dedication to Freedom in New Mexico, and around the world!Melanie, Karen and Sarah


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