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Sirs, the article titled ‘City warns of wallet busting gas bills in January ‘ from the Sun News on January 20 is disturbing on many levels. Why is Las Cruces looking more and more like a third world country? Why are Las Cruces residents being told ways to keep warm that is reminiscent of the commercials raising money for the poor Jewish Holocaust survivors? We have lots of natural gas. I don’t believe that the price hike ( 66% over last year) is due to gas line maintenance. The green new deal policies being implemented both nationally and on a state level are hamstringing the citizens of our state. If you believe that CO2 is a danger to our world (make no mistake, I do not) then consider the amount of CO2 generated by the mining for trace minerals for batteries,the factory release generated in the production of the wind mills? The electric movement is polluting more and destroying more than it saves. The primary cause of global warming appears to be the geoengineering ( chem trails) polluting the atmosphere and trapping heat ( especially in the oceans).   In closing NM citizens need help- open the spigot on our natural gas. Promote sane environmental policies rather than political ones.     Thank you. Jody Kincaid DVM NM                       


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