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Hi All, > > > > > >

The forces of evil will rule this world if enough good people do nothing. > > > > > >

It needs to be made clear that what we are seeing is the systematic destruction of our constitutional democratic republic that began being attacked it as soon as it was established. The dripping water wears away the stone but that drip has accelerated beyond our wildest imagination exacerbated by the ever increasing rate communication data whirls around the globe. If you have not seen the Netflix film “The Social Dilemma” you need too as it dovetails right into “2000 Mules”. > > > > > >

If we think squaring off against the Democrats is the path we should take, then D’Souza wasted his time making this film as he made the point clear that the destruction of our experiment in self governed is the goal. The battle to be fought is not at a national level but right in your home county. That is where We the People begins as your county administrators are the ones that control the voting methods. Fair, honest and legal elections are the responsibility of the people in their own communities. We definitely do not want the Federal Government taking control of the voting process. That was D’Souza’s point in a nutshell. > > > > > >

Our nation has functioned as a two party system for over 200 years with many ups and downs which is normal but only recently has the inability to communicate based on party politics become so volatile as to divide families, friend’s and entire communities putting them all at arms length or further. Any one that has the simplest thought on effective strategy in any conflict knows it to be divide and then conquer. This is the force of evil at work. Giving it a political name only works to the adversaries advantage because it further divides our nation, neighbor against neighbor. > > > > > >

Attend your county commissioner’s meetings and tell them the voter roles must be purged, no more mass mailings of ballots, no more ballot drop boxes and the most sinister of all, rid us of electronic voting machines. We are only a few months away from the midterm elections and waiting to see the outcome of it and whether D’Souza and his team are correct will allow the final nail to be driven into the coffin of free and honest elections based on the will of the people. We sit as the proverbial deer in the headlights waiting as the adversary is retraining his minions based on the exposure of the information brought out in “2000 Mules”. They are relentless as they are continually honing their skills. Waiting is not an option because they are not. > > > > > >

Rob Wood


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