Homeless by Rob Wood

The problem of people living and wandering our streets frustrates us all and we continually point fingers in blame in hopes it will be the answer to grasp and solve the dilemma. I am equally guilty as I was educated in the same system you all were that taught us that life is a multiple-choice question and we need to just check that one right box when in actuality it is an essay question that we abhor because it requires us to actually put a series of thoughts together and write them down. The dreaded Blue Book exam. This problem for us and the people out there and worst of all the ones that are almost out there lost in a world they have no way of understanding will only continue to get worse because we refuse to go to the headwaters and see where this deluge is coming from and address it there. This great crisis in our society is the result of over 100 years of forcing children into an inhumane sorting mechanism called school. If one just looks around they will see that we have created a caste system, complete with untouchables who wander our streets, subways, and bus terminals begging and then sleep on our streets or possibly hidden away in some homeless encampment or shelter. Our methods of education cause this. We need to be better informed so we stop just reacting to the latest sensational story and look deeper. As a primer, I suggest Gatto’s short and simple-to-understand book, “Dumbing Us Down” as a primer on the subject. We have to get serious about looking and addressing the cause and stop the insanity of chasing after the in-our-face effects. We must be better informed. Rob


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