Housing for homeless

City council, I understand that on Aug 1 a vote comes up regarding more funding for housing for the homeless population in Las  Cruces. I want to share my view that this is a misdirected effort. Providing support for the homeless population must be done in a manner that promotes an exchange for what is provided. At this time there appears to be no consequences that are consistently applied to those in housing assistance when they violate the terms of occupancy; even if (for example) a drug violation is reported the legal system does not enforce the law but rather the offender is back on the street, in their housing, in no time. If because of the cry for compassion we permit bad behavior to continue there is no reason for behavior to change. In areas in Las Cruces that  are near the existing housing assistance sites problems are rampant. Drug use (and discarded paraphernalia) are significant around these areas. Burglary and home invasions are up, as well as the presence of panhandlers that bother residents and make them fear for their homes and family safety. Increasing the size of the housing program will only make these problems increase. In my business training I was taught that the efforts you put attention and resources toward are the efforts that grow and increase. If your policies support homelessness Las Cruces will attract more homeless people, just like Los Angeles.    Perhaps you should consider taking those funds and increasing the size of our police force. With the recent spate of violence, considering how short handed the department is, that seems a much better use of taxpayer money. Please do not give any more funding to the homeless situation at this time. It will make it worse rather than better.
Thank you Jody Kincaid DVM ND

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