Sample Letter to Officials on Crime

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When are you going to get into ACTION and demand the city leaders take decisive action against the City Criminal element ?  Do any of us really think we are IMMUNE ?
Below is a letter I sent the City leadership…..  Get into ACTION and demand the city do something that will actually reduce crime…

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On Thursday, August 25th, 2022 at 16:20, CCIAWINUSA <[email protected]> wrote:

Mayor and Councilors
Attached photo is of the Family Dollar Store on Solano.  “Someone” decided to play ball by throwing a brick through another window.  This appears to be at least the third window broken.  Probably more in this same establishment.  The Taco Bell next door was “shuttered because the owners asked the loiterers there to keep away, or they were calling the police”.  So their windows got smashed, for defending their business. 
While the city government decides what to do, crime is increasing…..Recently, 30-40 rounds fired near University and El Paseo…    Another broad daylight break- in a few days ago while the residents were gone a few hours…Criminals stole jewelry and ransacked the home….near South Las Alturas.
These are businesses serving our community. And all we hear from our city leadership is the same old story….Poverty, racism, oppression, etc…. as the cause for this criminal activity. Why aren’t you demanding  ACOUNATBILITY AND RSPONSIBILITY from these criminals.  Where is the support and empathy for the victims ?
In the meantime the city is slowly coming under siege by a lack of decisive action by our leaders.  YOU…
What and how much more is it going to take ?  


​Juan D Garcia
Coalition of Conservatives in Action (CCIA)



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