Identify the Enemy – op ed by Rob Wood

In today’s world the purpose of American government is to create more government. The design and true focus of all our governmental bureaucratic organizations is the maintenance and expansion of the organization themselves. Over time its initial intended purpose becomes secondary and remains only as the title of the entity for promotion and expansion purposes. I can think of no government organization that was created to address an issue that addressed the issue and was then disbanded. If there is one, it probably was combined with another department, so it is hidden under a different name.

In a report on the management of our Indian reservation populations the point was made that when combined the Bureau of Indian Affairs, The Bureau of Indian Health and all the associated sub departments, there are more government employees in them than there are reservation Indians.

In my community, and it appears across the nation, there is much uproar over public education implementing teaching policies that parents feel are detrimental to their children and the believed purpose of school. Hillsdale College’s recent Impimis newsletter  President Larry Arnn highlights what is going on with a graph showing that over the past 20 years the portion of education purposed for district administration has increased by 87% while the student and teacher increase has been under 9%.

How does this happen? It happens intentionally as they create a problem out of thin air like racism and sexism, find some obscure state or federal policy to back it up or maybe not if they have enough inhouse marketing clout to self-promote and create totally new departments to address it. This is most obvious in public and many private colleges because it has been going on for longer. Of serious note is the fact that the graduates of those schools are now a part of the administrative side of K-12 public ed. The mania has nothing to do with the actual ongoings at the schools themselves as they take new education funding necessary for academic improvement and divert it to expand the administrative side justifying it by selling phantom problems.

A perfect example of bloated administrative expansion, can be found at UC San Diego and its departments tasked with addressing ghosts in the name of equity, diversity, and inclusion:

UC San Diego Diversocrat Agencies

Chancellor’s Diversity Office

The Associate Vice Chancellor for Faculty Equity

The Assistant Vice Chancellor for Diversity

The Faculty Equity Advisor

The Graduate Diversity Coordinator

The Staff Diversity Liaison

The Undergraduate Student Diversity Liaison

The Graduate Student Diversity Liaison

The Chief Diversity Officer

The Director of Development for Diversity Initiatives

The Office of Academic Diversity and Equal Opportunity

The Committee on Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation Issues

The Committee on the Status of Women

The Campus Council on Climate, Culture, and Inclusion

The Diversity Council

Director of the Cross-Culture Center 

Director of the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Resource Center

Director of the Women’s Center

All of this comes out of the thinking that is created in the mandatory undergraduate classes that address: Theoretical or analytical issues relevant to understanding race, culture and ethnicity in American society that must incorporate at least 3 of the following: African Americans, American Indigenous people, Asian Americans, Chicano/Latino Americans, and European Americans.

If seriously interested in creating change in K-12 one must follow the money. A school board manages money, that is their main role. They look for ways to get more, and as seen mainly use it so they have a larger administration to manage. The students are just a necessary inconvenience needed to expand their agency.  As I was told by a person in the know, with every passing of increased education funding another floor is added onto the school district administration building. LCPS just expanded into the old DMV next door.

If interested in a more in-depth look into this subject, I recommend “The Diversity Delusion” by Heather Mac Donald. If it is applied, knowledge is power.

Rob Wood


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