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The Senate is trying to rush HB 4 Voting Rights Protection through the Senate. They snuck it on the calendar early Sunday, allowed over 30 minutes of organized support testimony and about 10 minutes on opposition. It could be heard as early as Wednesday, 3/1/23, in Senate Judiciary. PLEASE do everything possible to get your CONTACTS to use the HB4 CTA to oppose this bill.

Highlights of the issues with HB 4 Voting Rights Protection:

Ø   - Mandates automatic voter registration without consent or knowledge when doing business with any state agency. New voters would have to opt out – after the fact and in violation of their rights.

Ø   - Automatic registration mandate includes NM ‘residents’ who may not be legal NM residents. This increases the likelihood of non-U.S. citizens being registered to vote.

Ø   - Creates a permanent absentee voter list and creates additional problems with ballots being delivered to an address after the person is deceased or has moved.

Ø   - Allows fully restored voting rights for felons prior to completion of Parole/ Probation, and application to restore rights.

Ø   - Allows government building addresses to be used for ballots of anyone registered to vote on Indian nation, tribal or pueblo land.

Ø   - Provides for a person hired by the state to go to the Indian nation, tribal, or pueblo lands to “help” people vote and then the hired person returns the ballot to a voting location.

  PLEASE do everything possible to get your people to use the HB 4 CTA to oppose this bill.



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