Important message to BTNM leaders

Things are moving fast, and we will be trying to keep you informed about bills and hearings. We’re doing this because we need you to circulate the CTA’s and help us find speakers! Below is the list with all the information you need along with links to the CTA and the committee schedule.
Today, February 6, 2023

Tomorrow, February 7, 20239:00 AM  SB 165 Local Choice Energy Act  in the Senate Conservation Committee

After the floor session (in the afternoon) there are four gun bills in House Consumer Affairs Committee.

As always, feel free to send your people to the BTNM Take Action page. If anyone would like to speak and needs guidance, we can help! For the Legislative Advocacy Training click HERE. For talking points, send them to the Call to Action for that bill.
God go with you,

Cindi Runyon


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