Hi friends! 

Let me quickly introduce myself. A longtime conservative, Navy Veteran(Corpsman), married 18 yrs to Robert, avid reader of non-fiction and current events with strong roots in Missouri and you pronounce my last name ‘Boo Skay.’ Being new —I’ll be learning —so bare with me as I become more familiar with the role of 2nd Vice Chair. I only want to enhance what is already in place for the leadership team.

Started attending CCIA in February after it became painfully obvious that change isn’t going to happen from my living-room couch!  I watched as ideologies and poor laws were enacted that do nothing -long term- to adequately help citizens, cities or states. I see corruption and contempt in ‘leaders’ who are self-serving and un-wise and who  don’t respect the foundational, historical tenets of the US.  Changing or helping to drive local policy changes will be the most effective way as a citizen to attempt to course correct.  So, I believe individual citizens have a duty to ‘start small and local’.

I believe we must stop being the ‘silent, hidden citizens’ that worry and complain over what we see streaming from the television every night. We must be unafraid to defend conservative values, yet be willing to compromise to effect change.

God has put us all here for a reason and a time such as this. We’re witnessing amazing events as the world’s population is moving and shifting. We may not like what we see – but its happening — and until control or motivations change in Washington DC we’re the citizens who it most directly effects and we must be willing to voice how this ‘new America’ should be shaped. 

Whether it is with Education, Election Integrity, Faith or Crime and Public Policy I encourage you to please get involved and talk to your friends about CCIA. Our voices may start small but, as a group, we can make BIG noise to help influence the future of Las Cruces and NM.

Thanks for the support and ‘see you at the meetings’!!

Beth Bousquet

2nd Vice Chair

[email protected]


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