Invocation Exchange – Jody and Reynolds

Sir , thank you for your response. My point ,which I perhaps did not make clearly, is that you were using your official role to advocate for inappropriate censorship. As a private citizen you have the right to your opinion but as a public servant you should not be calling for unconstitutional actions by any entity, especially a public university.    Regarding the issue of an invocation before commissioner’s meetings, a couple comments. If you have received complaints about the selection of religious individuals or organizations that have given an invocation, then address them on face value. The number of churches and similar religious organizations is many, and any that desire to give an invocation in a manner congruent with their beliefs should be given an opportunity. No one in CCIA that I am aware of has accused anyone of not having religious beliefs. That indeed is personal. However, the progressive movement in government works to centralize power and control in itself and minimize the role of individual citizens. Religious beliefs give purpose to and empower individuals to assert their rights which we believe originate in the Creator, however one defines that role. A centralized government does not want  individuals to feel empowered. The right to an invocation is not enumerated in the Constitution but the practice of religion is protected. Religious activity is ingrained in our culture and provides a civilizing influence. In these tumultuous times we need a civilizing influence in our communities. Invoking the presence of God before gatherings is a respected  tradition in a multitude of cultures. It should remain so here. Thank you.
   Sincerely Jody Kincaid DVM ND



Based on what you have written, your objection to our meeting with the Chancelor seems to violate our rights to have the meeting to discuss our opinion and position.

Appropriately, it is up to the College and the Chancelor to decide the vision, purpose and direction the campus wants to take.

We are as entitled to our opinions, as you are.

Please respect our “Rights” to meet and have an objective discussion.

As a practicing DVM ND, you bring a unique perspective to the issue.


Shannon Reynolds



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