IPRAs, etc….

Mr Jaramillo and Ramos
My comments are not directed at either of you personally. And I cant speak for everyone who has submitted IPRAs. 
Part of the reason for the spike in IPRAs is due, IMO, to the lack of trust and confidence in the NM PED.  This was confirmed when the former Deputy Secretary for the NM PED famously stated, and later denied ” the one thing that makes a difference is more time with adults who matter and the adults who matter are teachers” (video attached).  Parents were specifically excluded. 
The PEDs continued push to take over the kids life by indoctrinating them in areas that belong to the parents is concerning. The obsession with social justice- equity, race and gender identity, to name a few  and the continued push to force acceptance/compliance by our kids in areas that parents may disagree with is very troubling.  This, I believe, is part of the transformation of the next generations of kids. And the schools are leading the way with 12+ years to accomplish this social transformation.
 Parents need to find out where these policies are coming from, what they are about and who are the proponents so the citizens/parents can take the appropriate action.  And hold them accountable. Many times, the only way to find out the truth, is through IPRAs. Unfortunately much of the ideology being injected into the schools today is not part of the traditional views of many parents.
I dont know if the idea of charging citizens for these IPRA requests is a means of deterring the questions and it might work, but it wont stop parents from wanting to better understand. Or at least, I hope parents dont abdicate their duties. 
With the $Bs that have been pushed to the schools and additional $Bs being contemplated, the cost of this service, in the big picture, appears to be worthwhile if the requestors are using the data gathered in positive manner to better educate themselves. Maybe doing what RR is doing is a good option for LCPS. 
The continued push to add ‘more time” to the calendar is another example of the “power grab” by the “education system”.   If we were to see actual improvements in the quality of the education, parents may be less inclined to dive into the details only found through IPRAs. 
Thank you 

Juan D Garcia


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