Irresponsible Comments

Councilor Bencomo
Congratulations on your decision to run for re-election. Best of luck to you.
I came across the following link that you posted on Instagram on March 31st, which I find very troubling.
I understand political rhetoric as a part of the “current landscape”, no issue. 
However, when there is an attempt by a political leader such as yourself to link (intentional or unintentional) a group of peaceful citizens like CCIA to violence, that crosses a line. Not only is that dangerous but also very irresponsible. We have always promoted civil discourse. 
For the record, 

  1. As the Chairman, CCIA (as an organization), never had any plans or discussions to “force the council to resign”…. The word “force” implies “coercion or compulsion, especially with the use or threat of violence”.  CCIA promotes peaceful and civil discourse.
  2. On April 2nd (Sunday), while driving back from Albuquerque, I received a call from Karin (news reporter) asking about the subject of “forcing the council to resign”.  This leads me to believe that someone “tipped” the media off to a fictitious violent event. Was it to create political drama, incite violence by progressives due to the narrative in the video or attempt to put CCIA in a category of a violent group, I dont know.  I categorically denied to the reporter  CCIA had plans or involvement in such an event. I followed up with a live interview on 3 April in front of City Hall re- stating there was no intent of forcing anyone to resign.  Coincidence, the call from the reporter on Sunday and the creation of this video were “near the same time”.
  3. Terms that you used in your Instagram post (when linking to a conservative group in Las Cruces) such as: 
    1. “J6 vives”,  
    2. “freaked out about it”, 
    3. “conservatives…resorting to violence”, 
    4. ” forcing people to resign is a new norm”, 
    5. “especially against women elected officials”, 
    6. “homes of Democratic elected officials were targeted”, 
    7. “these folks are going to organize and force us to resign” 
    8. “defense of women elected officials”
  4. These are “dog whistles” to progressives that might be prone to violence, attempt to label CCIA as a “hate or violent group” or to provide an excuse for misguided actions.  I noticed there was additional LCPD presence at the 3 April City Council, (which seemed odd to me) I had not seen before. After revieing your video, I understand why. All based on fictitious political drama.
  5. My phone number is listed on every email and a call could have been made for clarification if there was so much concern over the use of “force”.  No calls were received.

In summary, the “progressive supporters” that showed up on April 3rd, were presented with an “April Fools Day” surprise since no conservatives stormed City Hall or attempted to “force” anyone to resign. 
May I ask that in the future, if you or anyone decides to post a possibly “incite to violence video” such as this, please think of the consequences that it could lead to. 

Thank you 

Juan D Garcia


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