Is this the new Normal?

Dear Council

Are we living in a “new normal” in our beloved City of the Crosses where businesses have boards on their windows and doors? This afternoon, I shopped at JoAnn Fabric, and I immediately noticed they had been victimized by crime. The attached photo is one I took from inside the store. The window was damaged over the weekend, according to the employee with whom I spoke. What is the City doing to help the police find these criminals and stop these delinquent behaviors? What are our tax dollars going towards: to prevent crime or to enable criminals and drug abuse? We can’t have it both ways. What do your constituents want for our city? As a resident of this city for nearly 20 years, I need to know if this is a place I can continue to call home. Or, are we a haven for crime, vandalism, drugs and homelessness? It is heartbreaking how our city is leaning toward the later. In addition to the above questions I am asking, I would also like for you to truly look deeply into the data from the cities in which you are trying to emulate (Portland, San Francisco, L.A., Austin, etc.)? What about the current situation of a these cities do you find appealing? And, why are you seeking to take our great city down those paths? What is your ultimate goal for our city? I ask you all of these questions as a concerned citizen, and I know these concerns are shared across our community. Thank you for your time, and I look forward to learning what you and your fellow council members have to say.

Sincerely, Jaylene McIntosh


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