It All Boils Down to Education by Rob Wood

We think throwing money down the rathole of public education is a waste, so be the same for the unhoused debacle. By this front page article in todays WSJ (Saturday, June 3), we can for see our future just at a smaller scale.
Billions Haven’t Solved State’s Homeless Problem Struggle to close an Oakland encampment shows the limits of lasting help

 The State of CA told Oakland that if they kick the homeless off where they are living the City must provide them housing. The problem here is that many of the homeless just want to be left alone. If they take a housing option it most likely requires them to give up their accumulated possessions and their pets and the community they have come to know as home. Yes, for some this can be a leg up but the lack of triage puts all in the same line leaving the ones that are seriously looking for help just waiting with all the rest.
If wanting to look at where to begin it must be in adequately equipping students with a proficiency level that equates to gaining meaningful work. CRT and Gender issues are a hideous agenda thrust on our children but even if deleted from the curriculum our children are on a direct path to being unemployed, underemployed, living on the streets or just bouncing in and out of jail because they were denied the education they deserved. Drugs offer them a pathway to mentally escape the horror we have fostered by perpetuating a failed educational system that puts them there.
I never leave without offering proper credible resources on the subject: Just released on the 40 year anniversary of the report on education that set the tone that still continues unabated to this day “A Nation At Risk”, “Mediocrity” by Connor Boyack brings it home again. Is anyone listening?


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