It Is Your Responsibility

What astounds me is all the demanding of public ed to fix the shortfall while parents just let their kids fall further and further behind “Waiting for Godot”. A student beginning their sophomore year in 2019 was graduated in 2022 without being properly educated. Parents need to wake up to the fact that their children are their responsibility and they need to get off their butts and take charge of their children’s academic preparation. Every month that goes by with the public complaining at their School Board meeting without taking this responsibility on themselves just neglects their child’s preparation for another month. One must face facts; public ed cannot fix this shortfall and the longer we just demand they do the further the students fall behind. A great primer as to what happens in math preparation created by gaps in learning can be found on Sal Khan’s TED Talks. Rob Educators need a plan ambitious enough to remedy enormous learning losses.


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