On Education So much seems to revolve around what we don’t want without diving into and creating a student centric picture for what we do want for them. When discussing education it is imperative to work back from the desired results which for the majority of students is to have financially and personally fulfilling employment. For a greater in depth look at using this perspective I suggest “From Reopen To Reinvent, Recreating School for Every Child” by Michael Horn From the National Association of Colleges and Employers: As+they+are+reviewing+college+graduates’+resumes+this+year,+employers+are+focused+on+finding+evidence+of+candidates’+problem-solving+skills+and+teamwork+abilities. Please note that this list is constantly changing in priorities. We are in what is called the fourth industrial revolution and the needs are rapidly changing. Unfortunately our educational system is still dragging the anchor of the first industrial revolution along with it. Foreign Language has gone to the bottom of the list but computer language is not on it. This will be changing as data analytics plays a greater and greater role with regards to a businesses success. One may not need to be highly proficient in them but they need a working knowledge of them and ready to learn the new ones that will become mainstream as others possibly fall away. Rob


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