Laws Do Not Make a Society Moral

 The Old Testament, and part of its purpose when both books of the Bible are evaluated together, make this perfectly clear. Humanity is incapable of moral self-regulation.

 Taking a couple of recent occurrences as examples; legalized recreational marijuana and the Supreme Court’s decision to turn the abortion issue over to the individual states brings forth conundrums for the legal system and society as a whole.

 In the case of marijuana, it meant that persons incarcerated for violating the law as far as distribution and use had to be given the opportunity to have their cases revisited and thus many released along with having their record expunged because what they did was no longer a crime meaning that they no longer had a criminal background. The record just disappeared but not the persons loss of prior freedom or how society views them. 

 In the abortion issue what was not a crime will soon become one leaving many (in the tens of millions) guilty of that crime and by the law that is moving to give the unborn Constitutional rights classifies that past action as murder. How our society deals with that and how millions of mothers that legally chose that path mentally process their actions will have serious implications especially in lite of how one side of the camp personally views the other side of the camp. Under our legal system are they criminals worthy of prosecution or not? Murder does not have a statutory time limit.

 The legal and psychological confusion that lays before us is daunting. If we are truly a caring society, we must openly address it.

 Rob Wood


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