LC Hall of Shame

The Coalition of Conservatives in Action has been speaking at every City Council meeting for months regarding the escalation of business property crime that plagues our city. Attached is just the list we have complied over the past 5 months by the efforts of a few that are stopping into businesses that obviously have experienced damage. None of these listed came from any police records, just from concerned citizen legwork. If we had actual police reports I am sure this would be the short list. The Council is totally on mute as to any meaningful direction they will take. All that they can do is point fingers in blame or look in the coffers for money to non productively throw at it for show. Just because they, in all their educated brilliance, cannot see any solution does not mean that others in their position would not either. They need to be voted out. We want a safe city and they have failed to provide it.

Rob Wood

Coalition Of Conservatives In Action



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