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Mr Jaramillo, Mr. Ramos  
Most New Mexico students are not proficient when it comes to math, science or language arts, but top education officials said Thursday they have “concrete specific strategies” to get the state on a path to where it sees improvements each year. The results showed only 25% of students tested were proficient or better in math and about one third were proficient or better when it came to science and reading and writing. For those in kindergarten to second grade, 69% fell short of the proficiency mark in early literacy.

  1. It is difficult to find a starting point to this email..As a parent and a taxpayer, I believe you personally care about the proficiency of kids but on the other hand, you are failing our kids. Your policies are not working.  Look at how NM is failing the K-2.  That is a horrific launching point for kids entering the education world. I asked repeatedly for your forecasted improvements and expected changes/milestones to proficiency scores when the extended calendar was implemented and never received them.  How is the extended calendar going to help improve these scores?  Is this one of the “concrete specific strategies” mentioned above ?
  1.  I have yet to hear you promote new initiatives to increase any of these failing proficiencies. Actually focus on the  core areas. We hear the same old excuses, COVID, Yazzie Martinez, oppression, racism,etc….but IMO, the real problem is what you are teaching.  Same old SEL, social justice agenda such as equity, identity, “new pronouns” (kids are failing ELA with the current pronoun usage but they are expected to learn new ones that make no sense) ? 
  1. I understand you are bound to policies by the PED.  Is there no LCPS school board member with the moral courage to stand up and say ENOUGH ? Are the school board members so afraid for their jobs they are willing to accept this failure ? Only in a government bureaucracy do organizations continue to thrive and receive funds for failing performance.  Maybe its good the PED has had numerous personnel departures.  IMO, the senior PED leadership should have been fired. Period.  Where is the accountability. Their mission, and yours is to educate our kids.  And you are all failing. 
  1. I would recommend you do a thorough evaluation of your staff and determine if they are recommending policies and implementing regulations to improve proficiency in the current school curriculums.   If they are not, they should be shown the door (I know the NEA wont let you).  We, as parents and taxpayers cant accept and get used to this failure.  Something has to change. 

From the Vision Statement of the NM PED Leadership:


Students in New Mexico are engaged in a culturally and linguistically responsive educational system that meets the social, emotional, and academic needs of ALL students.

  1.  On two “positive” notes : 1) During the Mayfield graduation one of the speakers gave an example that you might be meeting the Social and Emotional needs of students. She highlighted all the right social justice notes being taught.  The rating today indicates you are failing the Academics.  2) LCPS is not at the bottom in the state rankings. 

Thank you for your time 


Juan D Garcia


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