LCPS School Meet 2/15 “snapshot”

Thanks to Jim for attending via LCPS TV and capturing the highlights….

Hi Rick,
I watched the LCPS Board Meeting last night via LCPS.TV.
Two items of interest.
1. Apparently there was a shakeup in the HR Department (Sean Barham replaces Miguel Serrano). The one public comment was from a former LCPS administrator advising the board that in the past LCPS got itself in trouble as a result of wrongful termination(s). I had no idea what she was talking about until NEA-LC liaison Denise Sheehan expressed her disappointment at this action. Apparently the HR department pre – Serrano was unfriendly, not very helpful to teachers. Sheehan stated that she had a good relationship with Serrano and thought that under his leadership the HR Department was much improved.
When she finished President Jaramillo asked why she was airing this dirty laundry (my term) at a Board meeting instead of resolving any issues on this action with Superintendent Ramos. Her response was she was asked by some part of her membership not to approach him.
This narrative may continue to evolve.
2. There was quite a dialogue on the Honors program. VP Tenorio had four-five questions for Dr. Wendi, and more from other board members. The way she tells the story she was in a meeting with middle school principals and she asked how to better provide transition to middle school for 5th graders. That conversation in the meeting turned into the Honors cancellation rumor (Jaramillo backed her up on this narrative).
Dr. Wendi said Honors was not being cancelled and was in fact being expanded.


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