LCPS School Safety

Mr Jaramillo and Ramos:

I am watching this horrific story as it evolves.  I have heard recently, with the latest police involved incident, there is some anti police sentiment in our community.  And there is that sense of “militarizing” our schools that is “frowned upon” by many. 

I ask you to consider adding adequate security (if not already in place) to our schools to help prevent this type of tragedy or at least minimize the impact should it occur. Uvalde is a very small community yet an 18 year old criminal allegedly killed his grandmother and defenseless innocent kids ? And why ??? And how did it get to this point ?

Besides blaming “mental illness”, which is a good “catch all”, this is a horrible crime that took very young innocent lives by a very evil person. How else do you explain it ?

Thank you 
Juan D Garcia


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