Legal and Illegal Pot by Rob Wood

Take a look at the Montana Meth Project. It is tied in with other major organizations. Since let’s say a school would have to pay to use it in order for the bean counters to allocate the money they would have to admit to something they are reluctant to do, admit they have a problem big enough to spend the money. As far as DARE there were some kids from Juarez with a booth set up outside Albertsons maybe a year ago seeking donations for their Juarez efforts. I spoke to them a little bit about it. They seemed to have a different focus than the failure we know. The bottom line is that as long as we claim to be victims of let’s say Mexican drug lords we will never make any serious effort to eradicate it. This was pretty clearly stated in the 1990s film Traffic. It is impossible to have a war on drugs or even try to push that thinking when we (Americans) are the enemy. Rob

The most powerful testimony yesterday came from the High schooler that spoke. Why is that? Because she may not be able to reach through the denseness of the adult brain but she can reach into the hearts and minds of her peers. She truly cares at a personal peer to peer level.
The most successful drug prevention program ever was started and completely funded by a Montana businessman, Thomas Siebel. The Montana Meth Project is based on peer to peer public service adds he created and paid to have broadcast. This is not some government funded program and maintains its specific autonomy through keeping it a pay to use service. If waiting for the government to fix this problem best bring a really big lunch. Is it 100% effective? Of course not but it does have a track record that is attractive. 
Of course today kids are not watching network with ads TV but schools are paying to use the program. Possibly Elon Musk might offer its content on Twitter? Who knows? He is highly concerned about the viability of the upcoming generations.
Watch some of these PSA announcements in the attached link and hopefully you can see why and how it has been so successful. It does not have to be specifically about marijuana. The point is that peers care about their peers (hopefully). When I was the safety instructor for a large company I used well made videos put out by the US Department of Labor on all kinds of issues of many hazardous work environments. The object was to instill a safety consciousness into the workers. The MMP can be used in the same way for any drug.
We are failing our kids because all that we offer is another lecture. Just as is promoted in effective classroom learning environments, students can connect with other students through similar challenges if they are seen as valuable players in the process. We need to be more respective of their abilities.

Maybe I am totally out in left field but from my youthful years educating children on the negative effects through some school program (DARE was a complete failure) of pot just increases interest. I think scaring kids is really a bad deterrent as it undermines curiosity. 
 I can still remember in the mid 60s being shown the 1936 anti marijuana film “Reefer Madness” and me and my friends just laughing at it. Kids are naturally curious. Just like with alcohol, shopping, eating etc moderation is the key. Marijuana has some excellent uses but as the school teacher pointed out, high parents picking up their kids is a really bad sign. 
Have you noticed that the Council never uses any reference to any socially redeeming value of this new enterprise except in the area of medical use? Unlike the drinking of wine with a meal can enhance the flavor not a one of them says anything about how being high enhanced that amazing desert they had at dinner out or how awesome the enhanced sunset was as they dined out on the patio. They are such hypocrites.
For your kids be sure to let them know that if they go for a Top Secret federal clearance either in the military, a federal agency or on a federal facility they will be asked if they ever used drugs including marijuana. You definitely do not want to lie because the background research will find it. I was never asked because my military clearance was only at the Secret level but before going in for that interview I knew the repercussions if I lied would not be good. Sometimes fear is a good thing.


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