legal vs illegal pot

Good Morning Mayor,
I know you were against the legalization of recreational marijuana and I commend you for taking that stand. It is too bad the rest of the council was not as forward thinking as you.
You might want to get a copy of today’s (Apr 29th) WSJ. This article is on the front page. Perfectly aligns with a similar article in Forbes Magazine a few months ago. I am not so much against legalization itself (ref Netflix series “The Business of Drugs”), but am against it being a tax revenue stream based on the fact that the CDC said there were not enough studies done to support it being let loose for recreational use and State and local governments using it as an income stream. The government just saw the $$$ signs. Once that money is used to support things like schools and the original funding is diverted into something else, just like the lottery money situation, it becomes impossible to go back.
Legal Cannabis Can’t Compete Illicit market is thriving in states like California and New York, where licensed sellers face steep taxes and heavy regulation
WSJ 29 Apr, 2023
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