Letter to Councilor Corran

My name is CC. I live in your district and have tried twice before to contact you to you no avail. You have not responded, so I’m trying again.
The rise in crime is a fact that we have to address. The shooting off of University and El Paseo, and the recent break-in this week at the O’Reillys on Picacho Ave., just to name a few. The break-in at O’Reillys was organized. It was probably a group of people because the front store window pane was meticulously taken out of its frame without breaking the glass. So I’m thinking it’s a group of people. They came in and took tools using the shopping carts from other stores. They took a bunch of tools and they had some other items in another cart but they left that cart at the store. They broke into one of the cash registers but it was empty. However, the other cash registers apparently had money in them. 
This is not a bunch a teenagers  breaking into a mom and pop’s store. This was a premeditated, well thought out knowledgeable plan as to how to get into the store. 
The level of crime is apparent by just this break-in alone. We’re not dealing with a lot of little misdemeanors here, crimes are on the minds of several people I meet with for coffee and dinner. It is a frequent topic. 
What is also a frequent topic is the lack of any action from city officials. We can only address crime by looking at the truth which is how you address all problems, right? We have to look at the facts and face them. 
Our town is not a sleepy little town any longer. As a city counselor I know you understand the responsibility you have even when crimes don’t happen in your district you are still a city counselor not a district counselor. 
I don’t know you, I don’t know that much about you and what you’ve done; but I am asking you to initiate action to combat the rise in crime in the city of ours.
Thank youCC


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