Letter to KRQE ref OC Audit


Name: Juan Garcia
Email: [email protected]
Message: Ms Padilla
I read your article regarding the OC Audit. The comments by the SoS are not accurate “Our Office encourages voters to seek out trusted sources of election information, like through their county clerk or our Office, and to look skeptically on claims about the Big Lie like those pushed by the people behind this so-called “audit.”

We are a Grassroots organization who repeatedly invited the DA County Clerk to have a civil discourse with our members on the subject and she refused. Se even refused to meet with me, as the chairman, to make sure she understood what our objective is which is to “clear the air” on many of these questions. Michael Mcdevitt, LC Sun ran a front page article on the subject. So I would encourage you to challenge the comment by the SoS spokesperson as misleading because there is at least one County Clerk who is not willing to help “dispel” the “big lie”.

We are the Coalition of Conservatives in Action – conservativesinaction.org.
Here is the LC Sun article published December 2, 2021.

and a portion of the article below….

LAS CRUCES – A local conservative organization is upset the Doña Ana County Clerk will not meet with them to respond to questions about local elections. The clerk declined the invitation last month despite claiming publicly she welcomed opportunities to educate the public and dispel misinformation.

In an October interview with the Sun-News, Doña Ana County Clerk Amanda López Askin said she was trying to find a balance between responsibly debunking misinformation and amplifying conspiracy theories. She warned that election misinformation could depress voter turnout.

I await your response….

thank you


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