Letter to LCPS Board

Dear School Board Member,                                                               17 March, 2022

     You have not heard much from me lately but after reading the article in the Sun News on this day entitled “Next School Year will stat in July”, I had to write and tell you how absurd this is.  ALL of you have entirely missed the point in what the people who elected you are, and have been trying to tell you for the last three years.  YOU ALL are NOT listening to anybody, much less the majority of the people that come before you and you are going your own way in doing what YOU want to and not what the residents, parents, concerned citizens of this County want.  We are, and have been trying to tell you that it is Academics, Academics, Academics that you need to be concentrating on.  We are beginning to think you are all deaf and dumb as to what you are doing. 

     I have lately been delving into Karl Marx and his writing and have read the Communist Manifesto.  If you have not had a chance to read these documents, I would hardily suggest you do so.  You don’t seem to realize how far off the track you are as American Citizens and what America is about.  What you have come to be is a group of Socialist, Danged Red Communists who want to pit the proletariat against the bourgeoisie, dividing our children into racial groups that will continue to be taught disparity and diversity instead of Unity as a nation.  I am not kidding you.  You need to STOP and recognize the failure you are in being American.  Perhaps YOU are being dupped by the NMPED and the NEA.  I hope not.

     I am sorry to have to tell you this but what Khrushchev said, in 1956, “We will bury You”, well, that is what is happening.  The Democratic Party has fallen to the Communist ideology that you keep endorsing and you can’t see it.  You will deny it, you will tell me I am wrong but look at what you are doing with your Policy JBC and JBD and the new Social Studies Standards and now trying to change the school Calendar.  You are going out of your way to Piss people off, to NOT attend to your duties to improve the Academics in our Schools and you and this board will keep us behind because why……..Because you are NOT LISTENING TO THE PEOPLE THAT PUT YOU IN YOUR SEAT.

     Ray Jaramillo, you stated today in the paper that “We get hammered with New Mexico being 50th in the nation, but when we try to do something different, we don’t want to do it.  If this board is the one that takes the hear, lets take the heat; that’s what we got elected for.”  NO…… you got elected to REPRESENT the people of this County.  This is what you have forgotten! This is a Constitutional Republic (NOT a Democracy) with a representational type of Government.  The PEOPLE elect you to represent them not to go about telling the people what is good for them.  The power in this County comes from WE THE PEOPLE and is invested in you so do not forget who put you where you are.  YOU and the WHOLE BOARD are supposed to represent what the Majority of the Population want.  You have failed, in the last three years, to do that starting with renaming Onate, with pushing policy JBC and JBD and with pushing the Social Studies Standards and now changing the School Calendar.  WHEN are you going to wake up and see that you don’t have to take the heat if you do the right thing, and that is to do what the MAJORITY of the populous want you to do?  You get enough feed back so you KNOW what that is.  Even with the change in Calendar, the people that spoke shows me that the percentage was 5 to 1 against changing the calendar and yet AGAIN you did not listen to what the people were telling you.  YOU ALL have got to stop acting this way and get BACK ON TRACK with what is wrong and why the current school system does not work. 

        I will give you the reason it does not work, which you probably will not listen to but here is the reason.  You have HEAVILY BURDENED your teachers with an undue amount of paper work and testing and irresponsible tasks that should not have been given to teachers.  You are expecting every teacher to be a parent to the children they teach in regards to morality, religion, sex, gender, race.  You have and are USURPING the role of the Nuclear Family and you have been TOLD THIS time and time again and it’s got to stop.  NONE of this was given to teachers to do when we were growing up.  Our Schools used to be GREAT SCHOOLS and it wasn’t until the 90’s to 2000’s that this SOCIAL CRAP started creeping into our schools’ systems and we started to be a failure.  Teachers go to college to learn how to TEACH a specific subject.  They become Subject Matter Experts in the academic area in which they will teach.  They do not train to be SOCIALISTS or psychologists or race relation specialists or councilors, or a myriad of other things you are requiring them to do.  You have to admit, you have teachers doing some very odorous things that they were not trained to do and were not hired to do.  This is where YOU have created a failure in the Academic world that teachers are expert in.  You do not listen to teachers concerns, you do not take what they are telling you into account and you are going your own way in doing what ever the SAM HILL it is that you want to do.  This applies equally to Mr. Ramos and to Ms. Wendy Miller – Tomlinson

     I am telling each and every one of you that you have to START paying attention to what the Majority of the people in Dona Ana County are telling you.  If you don’t like hearing the truth then that is on YOU.  I have nothing to gain as my Children have completed school and are successful on their own.  I have told you what the problem is and where the problem lies. You need to do something about it amongst yourselves and do it quickly to fix the problems YOU have created.  As you know, I do not lightly give my opinion without much thought and contemplation and study.  The Problem lies with the amount of paperwork you hoist upon teachers, your expectation that they will play mommy and daddy in guidance of morality, sexuality, religion and race and this is NOT their job.  You need to actually STOP and contemplate what I have said and fix it.  Think ACADEMICS, ACADEMICS, ACADEMICS.


Michael S. Potts


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