Letter to Mayor Enriquez

Mayor Enriquez,
I want to implore you to NOT allow the Las Cruces City Council to issue a Gazan ceasefire proclamation to Israel.  There are thousands of us who support Israel and the war that was inflicted on them since October 7th is a tragedy.  

To place the totality of responsibility on Israel to ceasefire is misguided.  There is presently a proposal BY Israel for a ceasefire.  It is and always has been on Hamas to stop the bombings, return the people who they keep as hostages(whether alive or dead) and allow more humanitarian aid into Gaza to help the Palestinian people. Do not believe the death and injury counts provided by UNRWA, Hamas or Al Jezeera.  The IDF has gone to great lengths to minimize civilian casualties – better than any other military conflict in history. To state otherwise is another lie and propaganda by Hamas to garner Western countries sympathy. Most casualties are terrorists and fighters. Hamas knew there would be civilian deaths. 

War is horrible. Any death is tragic but please keep in mind that Hamas has had 18 years to prepare for this war that was started intentionally and with full knowledge of the destruction and death it was going to bring to the Palestinian people when Israel retaliated. We all pray it will end soon but Israel cannot stop until Hamas is destroyed or removed from power in Gaza.

As a man of faith I know you understand the sacred importance the Jews have in history. The God of us all will not allow Israel to be destroyed or the Jewish people eliminated. The ancient hatred that has existed between Arabs and Jews is far more complicated than any of us can negotiate through.  We can pray for the peace of Israel and for Gods direction in the hearts of men. Please do not participate in any proclamation that subverts Israels right to exist or defend itself.

Thank you for your leadership. Many of us are praying as you face the Goliaths of this city. It takes determination, vision and fortitude and we support you.

Beth Bousquet

5th District – Las Cruces


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