letter to president Tenorio

Dear President Tenorio, Thank you for joining Superintendent Ramos at the CCIA meeting last night. You and I spoke outside as you were leaving and you mentioned the ability of Charter Schools to be more creative in their approaches. Not that charter schools are the answer to the education dilemma but they do offer the freedom and flexibility to create educational models that are more in line with the needs of the particular segment of students they are designed for. The ones that are good (as some are bad just as many are in the PED system) have a structure void of union rules that allows the school principal or manager to hire and fire with the objective to create a school of learning facilitators that function harmoniously together based on the mission statement of the school. High Tech High in San Diego is a good example. As with any long time entrenched megalithic organization change is almost impossible because of itself and the other entrenched institutions attached to it. The way we educate must change. I continually attempt to get the CCIA members and the user public at large to understand this but they cannot let go of demanding the PED make the changes that the public themselves must make, basically, so they themselves do not have to change. I have studied extensively on the subject and attached is my reference list. I hope you can find something that peaks your interest because only two questions need to be answered: What is the purpose of school in todays world? And is it accomplishing that task? Sincerely, Rob Wood


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