Letter to Sun Reporter and Local Reps

Regarding your article today in reference to the death of Mr. Valenzuela, it is very unfortunate any life is lost.  
However, your article presented one side.  What was missing was the responsibility aspect.  Decisions, we as adults make, often lead to tragic endings.  Not just for the individual but for those around them. 
Crime, drugs and running from the police are not the decisions we want to make in life.   And expect favorable results.
Instead, your article (interviews) focuses on blaming racism (??) and of course the police.   Victimhood without accountability. Many tragic endings can be prevented. But no one talks about this. 
Unfortunate our elected officials missed the opportunity, during this event, to speak to the community and encourage citizens to live a life what is within the “law” and away from crime and drugs. That subject is not politically expedient.
Maybe you and Councilor Bencomo and Rep Rubio will write/speak out about the true victims that will be “terminated” soon when the “Pink House” arrives and goes into a full operational mode. Those waiting to be surgically shredded are truly innocent and defenseless, and for the most part, the result of someone’s  bad decision.   
Or cover the closeness of the “Pink House” to a neighborhood school (Hillrise Elementary) – (1K FT as the crow flies) making it very easy for our young teens to “get rid of it”……

My best…..


Juan D Garcia


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