LETTER TO SUPT RUIZ Re: Parent Involvement (Jody Kincaid)

Mr Ruiz, we met at two of your meet and greet events earlier this year. I am the retired veterinarian that had volunteered with the Gadsden schools in the past. As a member of CCIA , we are concerned about the quality of education delivered by our school system. Part of the problem with truancy, poor classroom performance and other behavioral issues revolves around the role of parents in their children’s educational experience. Many parents are not versed in proper coaching, study and support activities, in addition to being busy trying to put food on the table. Perhaps we can help .   In CCIA we have a number of retired teachers and professional persons with lots of life experience to share and lots of time to do so. What would your thoughts be about establishing evening programs at individual schools for parents and students presenting methods of organizing study time and materials, study approaches that increase the learning experience and general tips on how to get the most benefit from homework? With qualified presenters,such as we have, we believe that we can make the learning process easier and more effective. Giving parents tips on how to help their children gets them more involved in the learning process and makes them more effective in their help. When successful engineers,doctors and educators share their experience it can motivate students and parents as well as teach them practical methods for improving their learning skills.   You mentioned a program that you had in the Clark County schools supporting parental involvement . Your efforts to improve the proficiency rates have to have family involvement if they are going to succeed. Still, you have a lot to deal with as you take over here . Please consider our offer- I think that evening programs, limited to an hour that are offered at schools throughout the district would be well received. I can say that I was involved in a program like this in the Canutillo district that was well received by parents. What say you? Community support for schools is essential for a viable outcome- the faculty of the schools may present the materials but they are assimilated and understood by the students as they do homework . We can’t put a coach in every home but we can share techniques with the parents ( and students that attend) to improve learning efficiency.  We are more than happy to help you. If you believe that this idea has merit and want a more detailed outline of what we might discuss, just let me know.      Thank you.  

    Sincerely, Jody Kincaid DVM ND


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