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Dear Editor
Since the Bulletin seems to not be covering the ongoings at our City Council meetings I thought I would give you a synopsis of the one this past Monday. In your defense I should note that Peter Goodman spoke but it was about as cohesive as his disjointed and contradictory of his own writings in your paper.
Rob Wood575-635-0803
They Should Have Sold TicketsMonday April 3rds City Council meeting with standing room only was a total dog and pony show. Citizens were there to offer personal testimony about the deplorable state of Las Cruces due to rampant crime consistently on the rise along with the associated vagrants that populate our streets, parks, and now along remote areas of our bike paths. The attendance was classic. Councilor Gandara rallied the troops over at the Progressive Voter Alliance calling in such hitters as the ACLU and the NAACP plus using her husband, Senator Soles, as the wrap-up speaker bragging about what they did?? accomplish in Santa Fe. The PVA-associated progressives showed up in force to disparage citizens with legitimate community concerns while they undermined their real concerns with accusations that since the council is all female (even though I am not sure of their personal pronouns and except for the mayor) the concerned public was just a bunch of sexist, racist antagonists. It was the classic example found in Arlo Guthrie’s 1960s song “Alice’s Restaurant” where the defendant offers pictures with circles and arrows and descriptions on the back of the crime scene only to find that the judge is blind. It was pathetic.The Council does not represent the public, they represent the agenda of the far-left organizations they beat their drum to. They all should resign based on being elected under false pretenses. If you do something under false pretenses, you lie about who you are, what you are doing, or what you intend to do, in order to get something.
Rob Wood


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