LGBT- Q Preference at NMPED ?

I got to thinking this afternoon after seeing a piece on the reactions in FL to Ron De Santis’ law thwarting the teaching of transgender issues to young children – Is the same sort of thing happening in NM?
Clearly they’ve been trying to force this on our children through changes in local school boards. But is this being driven by the same sorts of initiatives at the state PED level?
We know what they did with regards to the PED’s CRT-inspired Social Studies curriculum rewrite, but what about LGBT?
It’s not quite as blatant, but it is there. I found the attached NM LGBTQ Student Services guide.
Yet my question is – Why should LGBTQ (and the Q is problematic – does it represent Questioning only, or Queer meaning various other unidentified sexual deviancies?) students warrant their own specific Services Directory?

What about a separate services directory for Religious students? Or male students? Or female students? Etc.
In particular, I note that this guide has a number of links to far-left LGBT organizations, many of which may be highly political in nature, including Planned Parenthood, PFLAG, and perhaps most disturbing – organizations that offer HIV services and syringes in case of communicable diseases and drug addiction.
If this is the sort of collateral damage that we can associate with the LGBTQIA+ community then perhaps we should not be steering our students into this area or anything near it. It sounds not merely as a different choice of lifestyle but as a potentially dangerous and unhealthy choice for any student.
Sincerely,Dave Tofsted, Ph.D.


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