marijuana in our schools

Dear Mayor and City Manager Pili, Last night at the Coalition of Conservatives in Action meeting LCPS Superintendent Ramos and School Board President Tenorio spoke and answered questions to a large group at the weekly meeting. Superintendent Ramos brought up the subject of legalized recreational marijuana and the fact that the PED was never asked to weigh in on the potential impact it would have on students and the schools. I encourage you to meet with Superintendent Ramos and create some dialogue on the subject. One word that is being left out in these discussions is a word Mr Ramos used, addicted users. The number of expulsions based on use or distribution of marijuana and such related mind altering products is a serious problem that our school administrators and the students themselves are forced to now deal with. The enhanced strains of cannabis being put out on the market today are no longer falling under the category of being simply a depressant like the ditch weed of yore. From a Sheriff’s deputy I was told that they are more and more running into users exhibiting behavior that falls more in line with stimulant drugs such as meth. Sincerely, Rob Wood 575-635-0803 cc: LCPS Superintendent Ramos


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