Mass Shootings

Mass Shootings

  It’s not the weapons but the state of anxiety and anger that exists throughout our nation that is the problem. Desperate people have lost hope and lash out at society. The liberal philosophy that the government is going to solve our problems has created a mentality of unwanted dependence which strips people of their ability to look forward and see a pathway they can create on their own to a better way of life. Loss of hope.

 Guns are just the weapons of choice. Taking them away does not correct the mental state of the nation that has squared off and is continually doing battle with each other. In our schools we are teaching, not the greatness of America and the opportunity it offers that is the envy of the world but how horrible we are. That is the sickness we are seeing pervaded by a demented liberal mindset that strips our citizens of their dignity. They are attempting to turn everyone into victims of some atrocity or another, not so they unite but so they fracture into untold numbers of opinionated biases that feed the ones that perpetuate it.

 Prior to the famous boxing match between Muhammed Ali and George Foreman Ali went to Africa to unite his supposed people in support of what was marketed as The Rumble In the Jungle. After his return to America and seeing what life was like in his native country he said, “Thank God my great grandfather got on the boat”.

Rob Wood


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