A Climate Skeptic from New Zealand

Dear Friends,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We begin this new year with hope as we renew the dialog concerning prospective plans for our economic recovery.
As we continue this dialog concerning many issues, it seems important to consider the opinions of voices from around the globe.

Thus I am forwarding you a copy of a blog post by a man from New Zealand — a Dr. Dick Reaney PGCAS(Cant), BDS(Otago), D.Orth.RCS (London), MRACDS(Aust),
FICD, who has studied Climate and Paleoclimatology for 40 years with numerous expeditions to the Antarctic, the North Pole, and the Himalayas. Reaney was awarded a Visiting Scholarship to Scott Polar Research Institute in 2005 by Cambridge University.
His post on the debate over climate change was sent to me by Robert Endlich, meteorologist and research colleague from White Sands Missile Range, now retired.

Reaney’s opinions with regard to climate are of keen interest because he brings a knowledge of the history of climate and especially extreme weather from as long as five centuries ago. He notes very extreme weather events that belittle recent weather anomalies, pointing out that there is little connection between dire predictions of a global climate apocalypse and proof that current weather events are truly unique and driven by the present CO2 levels.
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