More Accolades for the Democratic Party

Lets give him all the credit he deserves…..
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Mr Vasquez.  
Regarding your article Jobs are coming to New Mexico’s 2nd District…you forgot a few more accolades for the Democrats in addition to the large number you had in your article.

High gas cost and food (try buying tortillas at Fiesta food), leaving the most vulnerable suffering. Or will you blame the economic pain and suffering on “Putin’s war”? And of course “free” (taxpayer) tuition, high inflation not seen in almost 40 years and don’t forget the wide open border.  Fentanyl for all and rampant crime in Albuquerque and coming to Las Cruces soon through defund the police initiatives championed by the Democratic Party. Let’s not forget the disastrous retreat from Afghanistan. Or maybe the money being wasted on NM education that only gets worse with every dollar funneled into a failing system. But makes everyone feel good with “social justice” initiatives. 
The terms “infrastructure” “bridges” “internet”, etc…need to be replaced. Its a copy and paste by every Democrat wanting to waste more taxpayer money. As to the thousands of jobs coming to NM, are these similar to the ones that evaporated when Biden killed the Keystone pipeline ? Maybe you should encourage tree thinning and controlled burning instead of blaming global warming for wildfires.
 When politicos like you want to “dazzle” the uninformed, you throw sweet words around like candy thinking everyone believes you. 
 With every politician like you and Heinrich, promising a euphoria with tax payer money, no wonder our debt is unsustainable !!
My very best…

Juan D Garcia


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