Murdered LCPS OFFICER-cuanto mas ?

Mayor, Council, Commission and DAC State Officials 

Comments are based on local news reports- 
Tragic situation where LC not only lost a police officer but another family is now without a father and a husband.  A police officer who is well trained and armed was killed by a vagrant.  In broad daylight. Hard to understand how this can happen. How did the criminal get so close to the officer to kill him ?  Is LCPD being put in a position where they are endangering themselves needlessly ? Thankfully a good armed citizen was able to intervene. 
If this can happen to a police officer, imagine what is going on with average citizens who dont have the means to defend themselves. Just like the report ~two weeks ago where a citizen was murdered in front of a citizens home (Van Patten/Armijo). 

LC is at a critical point and I dont see a change coming anytime soon.  State elected officials are focused on their pet projects and disarming law abiding citizens.  Last year the DAC state delegation had ample opportunities to push for stronger legislation but chose not to.  Same as this year. The same old blame on “mental health and poverty” as the cause of crime is wearing thin with the citizens. And its harder and harder to accept that our elected officials “care”. Look at SB 16/HB233 CRIMINAL COMPETENCY DETERMINATION?  Didnt get very far. Could have helped….

I have suggested the council, commission and state elected officials band together and DEMAND the governor take action on crime in our county. Many of you wrote a joint letter to NMSU in 2023 on behalf of the LGBT community demanding to know why Matt Walsh was allowed on NMSU.  Why cant you do the same on behalf of the crime victims in your community ?  Very simple, IMO- There isnt the political will to do so…..

Juan D Garcia


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