Native American Education

New Mexico in Depth posted an article on what NM needs to do to improve public ed for Native Americans. problem is real but the solution cannot be found in a cultural and linguistically relevant way as that separates them even further. That idea is typical of the political Progressives that love to make promises as they throw a rope down and yell to hold on and they will lift them up but only bring them part way till they fall back down in despair and exhaustion.

The challenge the Native Americans have is that they are a separate nation within a parent nation that was created on the basis of assimilating foreign nationalities and cultures into a pluralistic democratic society cohesively becoming the American culture. The Indian Reservation system has continually become more and more disastrous because it is dependent on this parent to supply them with the needs to maintain and stay outside the purpose and opportunities of America. I realize they were conquered people but maintaing the system they have purely as a means to appease some ill-founded guilt is detrimental to both sides.

Reservation Indians are unable to benefit through the private property laws the rest of the nation prospers from leaving the reservations a vacuum when it comes to enterprising opportunities as in the tech or any other prospering fields which are unable to even begin there. If the reservation schools actually educate those children to a standard of the others that are supposedly suppressing them they could only find equitable employment in most cases far from the reservation creating further decline for the ones left as there is no opportunity to be upwardly mobile on a reservation.

 In all truth, the reservation system needs to be abolished so prosperity through opportunity and effort can come to those people as it has for the rest of the nation. 
Rob Wood



Las Cruces


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