Native American Victims of McGirt

Dear Editor “The Native American Victims of McGirt”, Opinion Jan 10. The Indian Reservations are a tragedy in and of themselves. Nations within a nation that are denied the right to individual property rights that makes the surrounding nation what it is. As New Mexico Governor Candidate Karen Bedonie, a Navajo, points out, they are Americas perfect example of socialism and the tragedy it is. At least in New Mexico, our US Democrat representatives use the residents (as they are not true citizens) in the manner of rescue by yelling down into their pit of despair as they throw them a rope. “Climb on and we will pull you up.” They grab on and are only hoisted part way up to be left hanging until out of exhaustion they fall back into that pit. They have no hope. I can only assume that through tribal leadership advice they just keep grabbing on. They need a ladder and guidance on how to climb it if ever wanting anything better. Rob Wood Las Cruces, New Mexico 575-635-0803


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