Good morning Chair Chaparro and Mr. Macias:  
Regarding the April 25, 2023 Dona Ana County Commission meeting.  I watched with bewilderment the actions of the Commission in regards to Agenda Item No. 3, the National Day of Prayer (NDOP) proclamation.  
It was very hard to understand the reasoning of the Vice-Chair Schaljo-Hernandez to amend the proclamation, which essentially barred the prayer event from being held on County Property.Especially since it was done last year, on the north lawn of the County complex.  Especially because the Invocation, provided for in every Commission meeting, had just been delivered by the Rabbi earlier in that very meeting.It was apparent that the Vice-Chair and Commissioner Sanchez were ready to “pounce” and rain down on the proclamation.  That 4 Commissioners would even consider and approve the amendment was shameful.  
To my Commissioner Shannon Reynolds:  The actions of the Commission had nothing in common with the values of the citizens of this County.
To Chair Chaparro:  You get an A+ for your handling of this.  I could tell you were clearly taken aback by this “scrutiny” of a simple, non-controversial yearly proclamation.

For the Vice-Chair Schaljo-Hernandez:  I suggest a public apology to Chuck and Isela Wendler from the Commission, as well as restoring the original proclamation wording, would go a long ways towards healing this shameful display of religious intolerance.  V/RRick Reynaud


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