Commissioner Reynolds,Thank you for your response. I will admit that I was not present, nor have I ever been present when an official is sworn in. All I can do is provide you a link to a source document I found on the New Mexico Government website. I believe that there should be a certain amount of trust that a NM government website source would be considered reliable.https://www.sos.nm.gov/candidate-and-campaigns/search-public-information/oath-of-office/
Again I recognize Dona Ana county could be different.

As to your point regarding the first amendment; my interpretation is that congress cannot pass a law that establishes a national religion nor can it prevent the free exercise of religion. I do not see any proclamation the county passes for a national day of prayer established by the President as declaring a national religion. No one is forced to attend. No one is forced to only pray to the God recognized by the christian faith.

In closing I do have a couple of questions for the sake of clarity. 1) Based on comments made by you and Commissioner Hernanndez, is it your stance that God has no place in our government? 2) Are you stating as Christians there can be no peaceful assembly on the lawn of the Dona Ana County building for the NDOP?
Randy Pickering


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