Need for Trauma Specialist

There needs to be Certified Trauma Therapist  specialist hired and available fori the mental health units of the LC public schools. Proactive prevention -SAMHSA trauma informed approach. Creating , Supporting and sustaining Trauma -informed Schools and classrooms( National Child Traumatic Stress Network ) Look at Promise For Success Initiative and continuum of care approach. The 40 Developmental Assets addresses 4 external asset (  Support-Empowerment–Boundaries and Expectations–Constructive use of time)  and internal asset ( commitment to learning–positive /principles values–social competencies and positive identity) Childhood Development Brain D, Cognitive D, Moral D, Identity/Social D, Biological/Physical D, Adolescent in content D, medical/mental health D, immaturity , and Trauma—children are not adults and less culpable than adults  but more capable of change–HOPE is key. Root causes that affect Childhood development—-ACE/trauma, hunger, homeless, broken-hearted, drugs, gangs, border human trafficking, sexual exploitation of children, neglect and abuse by cartel and parents,, fentanyl, single parent, lack of education and deficient education, negative peers,   Ranked 49th in nation in child wellbeing (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual) last   place to raise a child. Suicide is on rise and despair /depression in increasing.  We are facing a generation that is Godless, Fatherless, lack of respect for the dignity of life, and children that are hopeless.   Food for thought. God Bless


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